WildaSYS IT Solutions are a Network Management and I.T. Support company based in Jamestown, South Australia. The company was formed in 2009 in response to an increasing demand for responsible and reliable Information Technology supply and support as well as Communication.

Todays I.T and communication. environment sees the integration of many formerly separate aspects of technology. We now commonly use computers,mobile phones,printers, laptops, hand held devices, cameras, scanners and other machines in networked configurations that demand seamless compatibility and communicability.

WildaSYS IT Solutions is dedicated to staying abreast of the rapid advancement in all of these areas, empowering our clients with a new confidence in their I.T and communication. systems, by delivering real world solutions and knowledge that helps them make informed and cost effective I.T. and communicatin decisions.

Whether you require computer or communication support, network management, new equipment, a web presence or business computing advice, WildaSYS IT Solutions have a depth of experience in the use of I.T communication. systems in a diverse range of business operations and practices.



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