Here Is Some Handy Tips For your Telstra Next G Phone

Unblocking Your Telstra Next G Phone

Step 1 of 3: Call 125 111*. If you're calling from outside Australia, call +61 4 3912 511.

Step 2 of 3: When asked for the reason for your call, say:

"Unlocking a mobile phone"
"P. U. K. code"

Step 3 of 3: You will be directed to our automatic mobile unblocking service. This service will guide you through the process of obtaining an unlocking code.

You can also visit your nearest Telstra Shop to obtain your PUK code.

Extending Your Ring Time on your Telstra Next G Phone

You can extend this up to 30 seconds.

To change the ring time before calls are diverted to MessageBank®, dial the following command on your mobile:

** 61 * 101 ** (Enter No of seconds required)  #




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